Ice cream according to Paridan

Paridan’s line of French sorbet and ice cream is made in collaboration with Arden’ Glaces, a family company with artisan produce, founded in 1892 in Charlesville-Mézières in the Ardennes.

Using traditional French recipes and high quality products with a high fruit content, fresh locally produced creams and milk, free from artificial colouring and flavourings, Arden Glaces are certified “Glacier Artisanal” and a true artisan product.

Our handmade sorbets are characterised by an intense and long lasting fruity taste, as well as beautiful colours that will look dazzling on any dessert plate. The high fruit content delivering a smooth, thick consistency ensures that the sorbet melts in your mouth instead of on the plate.

Handmade in France. Glacier Artisanal since 1892. High density. High fruit content. Fat free sorbet. Gluten free. Ice cream made with fresh cream & milk. Free from artificial colors and flavors

Oranges filled with orange sorbet

Lemons filled with lemon sorbet

Ice cream dessert with French nougat and caramellized sugar

Raspberry sorbet 600ml

Passion fruit sorbet 600 ml

Mango sorbet 600 ml

     Lemon sorbet       600 ml

Mandarin sorbet 600 ml

Melon sorbet 600 ml

Salted caramel ice cream 600 ml

Dark chocolate ice cream 600 ml

Espresso ice cream 600 ml

There are endless combinations to enjoy our French sorbets, limited only by the imagination.

Why not try it with our Paridan warm chocolate fondant or try one of the below suggestions:

Ice cream sandwich – two cookies sandwiched with your favourite sorbet

‘Coupe colonel’ – lemon sorbet with vodka

Ice pops – dipped in your favorite topping; chopped pistachios, liquorice or raspberry powder – or whatever you may prefer.