French patisserie and desserts are world famous, and for good reason. A big part of the patissierie we know and love in Denmark today, originates from France.

We offer a variety of classic, French cakes  in different sizes, all of which are based on high quality ingredients and original recipes.

The fruit tarts are a genuine French classic. Available in a variety of flavours, and suitable for many different occasions they are sure to bring a smile to everyone.

Our fruit cakes are produced in France, using butter, fresh eggs, and not least  a lot of fresh fruit.

Tartlets are portion sized fruit tarts. They are perfect with a cup of coffee in the afternoon, or as a dessert to finish off a nice dinner. They look beautiful on the plate,  they are easy for the kitchen to handle, and there is zero waste.

Apple tartlet

Raspberry tartlet

Lemon merengue tartlet

Chocolate eclair

Vanilla eclair

Eclairs is another evergreen in French patisserie.

Choux pastry with a cream filling of e.g. chocolate or vanilla, decorated with a layer of fondant icing. In many ways a simple cake, but the combination of flavor and texture makes it a genuinely heavenly bite.

For extra special occasions we offer a variety of high end, original  specialities, all of which are produced in France of course.