French petit fours

The perfect little treat for your coffee, dessert, or maybe the New Year’s party. The French petit fours a small luxurious cakes, perfect for that special occasion. There are 12 pieces in a box.

French fruit tartlets

In the summer of 2021 we have introduced a new premium line of original French fruit tartlets. A crisp shortbread base made with butter and almonds, and a filling made with fresh fruit, fresh cream and fresh eggs. The tartlets contain no preservatives and no artificial colors nor flavors. The chocolate in the chocolate tartlet is Rainforest Alliance certified.

The tartlets are made in a  decorative and practical portion size and come two picees in a box

Raspberry tartlets

2 x 110 g

Lemon/merengue tartlets

2 x 100 g

Apple tartlets

2 x 120 g

Chocolate tartlets

2 x 80 g

French savoury pies

The French savory pies from Marie Surgélés  are a classic in the Paridan range.

Made with the traditional French recipes, with fresh eggs and cream, and locally sourced ingredients. The pies are pre-baked and only need 20 minutes in the oven, for an authentic French tasting experience.

Original Italian risotto

Original clean label risottos, produced in the Veneto region in Italy. Homemade quality, free from flavourings and other additives. The taste is authentic Italian, and the cooking could not be easier; they are ready to serve after just a few minutes.

Organic potato products

Premium organic potato croquettes and rosti. Produced in Germany from locally grown, organic potatoes


We get our traditional ‘flammekuechen’ from Alsace, France. They consist of a thin crispy base, with a filling of  bacon and potatoes, in a cream based white sauce.

Just a few minutes in the oven will produce a golden, crispy crust.

Perfect as a shared appetizer, served with a chilled glass of white wine.

Tarte flambée Tradtion, made with smoked bacon & onion

Tarte flambée with mushroom, garlic & herbs

Puressenza ice cream from Italy

Puressenza is a line of delicious, authentic Italian ice cream made with fresh milk.

Original, authentic and as good as homemade.

Chocolate – hazelnut – espresso – lemon/bergamot