The American sweet dream

Our range of American cakes is produced by Sweet Street, and they do not believe in ‘less is more’. This is American indulgence at its best. Sweet Street was founded in 1979 by photographic reporter Sandy Solomon, who started selling homemade cakes from the garage of her home in Pennsylvania. Today Sweet Street is an internationally recognised brand, distributed and sold all over the world.

Cookies ‘n Cream stack –  a luxurious chocolate brownie layered with smooth white chocolate cream cheese filling and dark cookie crumbles

Browie bites – American brownie with crunchy dark chocolate pieces and cut into small squares of approx 2×2 cm

Chocolate peanut butter stack – sweet & salty peanut butter crunch, milk chocolate and caramel, layered in a moist dark chocolate brownie.

4 High Carrot Cake – layer upon layer of moist carrot cake, filled with raisins, walnuts and pineapple. Layered and decorated with a cream cheese icing and a white chocolate ganache.

Rockslide Brownie – the brownie to surpass them all… Moist dark chocolate brownie, caramel sauce and roasted pecan nuts.

Caramel Apple granny – amerikansk æblekage med syrlige Granny Smith æbler,  sprød granola mørdejsbund og karamel.