Our line of Italian cakes is produced by Pasticceria La Donatalla in Venice. It is a family run company with long and proud traditions, famous for their passion and love of the craft. A true representative of ‘the original flavor’ that characterises all the products from La Donatella





The classics

Frutti di bosco – forest fruit torte with vanilla custard

Torta fragola – Strawberry torte with vanilla custard

Cioccacao – chocolate mousse torte

The contemporary

Cioccolato fondante – An intense dark chocolate cake that satisfies even the most passionate chocolate lover

Torta cappuccino – gateaux with coffee soaked spongecake, coffee mousse, decorated with cocoa

‘Trancio’ – rectangular dessert cake with caramellised white chocolate mousse and pistachio cream

Il tiramisu – probably the most famous Italian dessert of all.

The tiramisu is an immortal classic on the dessert menu all over the world.

In its original form the tiramisu is made with savoiardi bisquits – also known as ladyfingers, mascarpone cream, Marsala wine and coffee. Paridan’s tiramisu follows the traditional recipe

Our classic tiramisu made in a rectangular shape that makes it easy to portion into desired size

We can also supply tiramisu in different  pre-portioned individual formats

Beside the classic variant, the tiramisu is also available in re-interpretated versions, like this one with assorted red berries,  or with either limoncello or whisky.