We offer a wide selection of individual desserts for every occasion. Choose from decorated desserts, ready to serve straight after defrosting, or plain ones where you can add your own personal and seasonal touch before serving.

Chocolate fondant with a molten center

Caramel sablé – crunchy chocolate base, chocolate mousse, caramel mousse

 One thing that all of our individual desserts have in common,  is unique and original flavors combined with high end quality ingredient and recipes; developped, tried and tested by internationally renowned chefs.

You can serve these products with pride, and confidence that your guests will be satisfied. And it will save valuable time for your kitchen.

Caramel Delight – crunchy crumble base, caramel mousse, caramel cream

Truffon – chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache, merengue center

Red berries cheesecake – crunchy crumble base, vanilla cheesecake, red berries

Berry tiramisu – raspberry soaked sponge bases, mascarpone cream, white chocolate, raspberry