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food enjoyment for generations

The early days

Paridan is a family owned business, established nearly 50 years ago in the early 70’es. From the beginning, the aim was clear: To provide the Danish consumers with original French dishes and delicacies. A member of the family had immigrated from Denmark to France, and set up a business to supply the French market with Danish specialities. So the idea to try the concept the other way around came naturally. In the beginning the range was fairly modest, consisting only of a few French specialities, like sorbet-filled lemons and oranges, and frozen baguettes. Even to this day, the Paridan French baguettes remain a classic in the Danish supermarkets. Throughout the years, Paridan has tiredlessly introduced new and exciting delicacies to the Danish consumers.


The name Paridan

When the company was established, the French connection was paramount. At first, the idea was to use the name FRANCODAN, but it had a bad sound to it. After giving it a little more thought, the name PARIDAN was chosen – a combination of the words PARIS and DANMARK. A name to bring a smile and the joy of the French gastronomy, even to this day.


The original development

It started out with French products, but once the success was established, the range was expanded with speciality products from other European countries as well. The focus point has always been to provide the original tasting experience, which is why all products are imported from their original home countries. And this is, in our opinion, the key to our success.


Quality first

All our products are carefully selected, because as important as the original taste is, it is not the only crtiteria. We demand high quality products, and though many of our partners are not among the biggest in the business, they are definitely among the best. Local produce, traditional recipes and love of the food and the craft are among the ingredients that always give Paridan products that little extra – just like they are meant to be.

 Paridan Food was established by mr Jørgen Hays Thøgsersen in 1974.
Here he is photographed with his daughter Birte Hays Thøgersen in 2017.
Today Birte is managing director of Paridan Food